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Uber and the Reverse Disneyworld

In economics, we talk of #externalities, especially where you produce benefits that your business can’t capture. Classic example: Disneyland in California was rapidly surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and competing attractions benefiting from Disney’s visitors. Disney didn’t capture “rents” from all

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“Have you organized a diverse and distributed group of people and moved them to action?”

City, state, and federal government experience. Lots of brigade and NGO experience. And I built a 5000 FTE volunteer org in 18 months with no money.

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What is the future of email as far as business communication is concerned?

Answer by Phil Wolff: Let's start from what computing and communications in general will be like in 20 or 30 years. I assume they'll be: more pervasive (seamless connectivity, internet of things, etc.), more wearable or built-in (contacts, cochlear implants,

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Ten Ways ‘Customer’ is the wrong frame for #CustomerCommons

Some founders of the Customer Commons have an emotional investment in the use of the word “Customer.” I believe we can do better. Here’s why we should try. Customer is the wrong frame, invoking the wrong preconceptions. ‘Customer’ is akin

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Transformers on Immigration Reform [spoilers]

Transformers is a great summer action flick. I saw it Monday night at a sold out 11pm showing. Its US immigration policy subtext is not so subtle. [spoilers] — Part 1 – The Evil Alien Invasion — Aliens show up.

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The Marx Brothers on Authentication

From Animal Crackers (1930), where Captain Spaulding is introduced to a musician at a party. Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding: Say, I used to know a fellow looked exactly like you, by the name of Emmanuel Raveli: Are you his brother?

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Blodgett and Arquette: Separated at birth?

I’m watching a music documentary by actress Rosanna Arquette. She looks so much like master publicist Renee Blodgett in the face, voice pitch and body language. And they are both so interested in the humanities, especially music and dance. That

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